How to find the next cult wine

A guide to finding that wine everybody is going to be talking about, plus a few places to look!

One of the funniest parts of being a wine lover has been finding rare, hidden, and unearthed gems that the world can latch onto. You know those bottles that will make your geekiest wine friends gasp in amazement? Yeh, those wines! If you follow any wine influencers on Instagram you will find a world filled with glee over someone’s hard-fought acquisition of the fabled Susucaru Rosé or a vintage bottle of Nicolas-Joly. It's easy to say that wine lovers LOVE a good cult wine, something that is really good but also makes them look really cool to their friends. The harder to get, the better. Have to sign up to an email list to get an allocation and wait for 3 years? Yes, please!

Belong Wine Company

Bertus and Ali Van Zyl of Belong Wine Company.

Guthrie Family Wines

Tied to the earth, Guthrie Family Wines

Acri Wine Company

Beaches, sunshine, Syrah, and Cabernet Franc. There is a fresh movement celebrating Southern California and Los Angeles wines with Acri Wine Company ready to become the figureheads. The wines are pure Southern California cool. The husband and wife team (starting to see a pattern here?) responsible have winemaking in their blood and this is as much about getting to their roots as it is finding the best expressions of wine in the place they call home.

Cho Wines

If you have not heard of Cho Wines honestly where have you been? The Instagram darlings showed their journey to becoming full-fledged winemakers with the world. We watched as they shared their progress and finally got to celebrate their first vintage with them.

Dave Cho is someone you need to know if you are serious about bubbles!

RAM Cellars

Viv Kennedy of RAM Cellars makes the most amazing Orange wine!

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