How to elevate your wine game

A few simple steps to help you go from wine-no to wine-know

Wine is an awesome beverage that has existed for thousands of years. There is no need to be afraid of it, and yet for some reason, we all are. It sucks because there are many in the industry who want to maintain a sense of snobbery around wine that does not really have to be there. You do not have to be a wine snob to enjoy wine, all you need to do is trust your instincts and your own tastes. When you do these small things you will find that you can elevate your wine game and a source of great fun for all your friends.

Smile, be happy, enjoy what is in your glass!

Explore America’s Boutique Wineries

Today you can explore new wineries directly from home. Websites like Vynlyf allow you to discover new wineries that will suit your taste, style, and mood.

Trust your style

Style is a combination of taste and values, what you like, and what is important to you. You don’t need to be well versed in wine terminology to understand what your style is either. Basic descriptions about a wine’s body (how it feels in your mouth) and its taste are the best places to start. Do you like your wine really fruit-forward or do you prefer something that is a little more savory, or even funky? Are you more into lighter wines or fuller wines? Combine that with things in your life that are important to you. Maybe environmentalism and sustainability are important to you, then natural wines are something you should explore. If you crave the best of the best look for wines that are crafted with excellence in mind. Sometimes it can be a combination of different factors that will help you find a wine that suits your tastes and says a lot about you as well.

Let your geek flag fly

You may find yourself trying to discern the difference between Pinot Noir clones in Oregon. Or you could really get into Carbonic Maceration, find that the wines are super juicy and look for that everywhere you go. Take notes, get nerdy, and when you see those details they will make you smile. Let that geek flag fly, because if it excites and interests you then go for it!

Ditch the wine club

Many modern wine clubs aimed at millennials have promised to be “vine to table” businesses, but in reality they are buying leftover or excess juice and then packaging them with different brands. Meanwhile just about every modern food and wine brand seems to have a wine club associated with it. It can be a big mess, and you have to ask yourself whether you are really getting anything interesting, valuable, or different.

Companies like Vynlyf are there to help you explore new wineries, discover new wines, and through clever use of combo packs will give you the opportunity to try something new and interesting. They are a new company but they are there to guide you and help you elevate your wines game no matter what your own personal taste and style is.