How I fell in love with American wine

Steven Spurrier brought American wine to the world, I want to bring American wines to America!

Where it all began, in Napa of course

I would eventually finish my MBA, fall in love with an incredible woman (which sadly did not last), and visit Napa with her. We spent just a day in Napa and visited one winery in our California road trip but to this day I think of it as my greatest highlight.

Selling wine, naturally

At the shop, I learned to connect with people through wine in ways I never thought possible. Every experience and interaction with a person was different. It should come as no surprise that different people have different tastes and they want to be heard. What I learned was that wine is never singular, and different people will like the same wine for different reasons. Something I feel the wine industry is not fully aware of today.

Yes I’m telling you American wine is better

I used to hear this all the time, American wine just is not as good as European wine. What the hell are these people talking about? I am not going to argue that it is better or worse than European wine, but American wine today is better than it has ever been. What I learned very quickly is that there is so much variety in the United States not just in terms of grape varietals but also style.

It's all about style

Too many times we think of American wines as being singular, having to check a bunch of boxes to be appreciated by wine aficionados. This does 99% of American wines a great disservice. We expect an American Chardonnay to be loaded with oak and have notes of vanilla and butter, and we expect American red wines to be super full-bodied and fruit-forward. Where is the fun in that?

Social fairies

If wine is a social elixir then winemakers are the social butterflies and fairies who bring us together. They want you to be excited, to enjoy the wine. That is what made me gravitate towards American wine more than anything else. There is a little bit of unpredictability, but if you ask the questions of where a winemaker comes from, what inspires them, and what they love then you will taste that in the wine more so than anywhere else in the world. American winemakers are free to be themselves, and that's why I fell in love with American wines. That's why I promote them, sell them, and champion them in any way that I can.



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