I could start by telling you this has been a tough year for a lot of people but as you sit at home and read those words you are probably thinking to yourself “no shit!” and “yeh, its been tough for me too.” Yes, it’s been a tough one for me, but also a weird one. I properly launched my own business, Vynlyf, after a half a decade of trying to get it off the ground and found an opportunity amongst all the chaos. This allowed me the chance to meet amazing people from around the country who made some…

This past week (August 1st, 2020 as I write) the indie magazine Glou Glou published a series of damning posts on their Instagram about winemaker Valentina Passalacqua and her connections to her father’s vegetable farm. The news was shocking, and people came out in defense of a winemaker who many touted as heroic in the natural wine movement, the Italian wine business, and in Italian agriculture as a whole. …

Carbonic Maceration Sangiovese, Love Youn Bunches by Stolpman Vineyards
Carbonic Maceration Sangiovese, Love Youn Bunches by Stolpman Vineyards
Love You Bunches by Stolpman Vineyards

Crushable, electric, sexy. When I find a wine that has all these things going for me I know I am going to enjoy it. Wines that race through your mind with acidity, and as exciting as they are crushable are the calling cards of a wine thats made for thirst, for friends, and for good times. I love these wines and I cannot get enough of them.

So how do you go about looking for such an electric treat? A wine that makes you want to sing electro-pop songs in your head and dance around like a mad person. How…

Throughout the world we are coming to terms with a new reality. Entire industries that were once thriving now have giant question marks over their existence. We know we will survive, but we are not sure how to adjust to a “new normal” that will change ever facet of our lives. The impacts will be felt everywhere, but one such place that is near and dear to me are the thousands of small wineries who are staring down the abyss. …

Its been one hell of a year wine wise. The wines have certainly been flowing and I have expanded my tastes beyond anything I could have imagined. A year that has seen a balanced blend of classic and off the path rarities has shown me just how freaking amazing the world of wine is, and how awesome the world is because of wine. So I just had to do it, albeit last minute, and create a list of my top wines from the year.

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Sandhi Chardonnay is what all California Chardonnay’s should aspire to from now on

To be honest, these are not the wines I consider to be the best wines of…

When people think of natural wine what comes to mind are the wines that are super funky both outside and in. Bright, avant-garde labels with unfined and unfiltered wines inside boasting funky flavors of earth and barnyards. But there is so much more to natural wine than the hipster take on what wines can be. Some of the greatest wines in the world, classics, and wines with tremendous heritage and tradition could be considered natural wines. But would they ever call themselves that? No! Because they are natural wines for grownups.

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Natural history

To think of natural wines as some new fad…

Two regions that are synonymous with big, bold, heavy wines are losing their relevancy amongst a younger wine audience. As that audience grows in stature, knowledge, and buying power these wines could lose their place amongst the upper echelons of wine society.

Changing winds

Bordeaux was not always considered one of the greatest wine regions in the world, and Napa’s prestigious reputation is still new in the grand book of wine history. It was not until 18th century that Bordeaux became sought after. Given its location wrapped around an estuary leading out into the Atlantic sea, Bordeaux became a powerhouse as wine…

Wine today is different. It is different from wines of ten years ago, of twenty years ago, and of fifty years ago. Todays winemakers, after shedding the idea of ratings and points, have thrown off the shackles of achieving certain styles and become free to experiment, to enjoy making wine. Rules are cast aside, and through the gaps in these rules we start to see new wines come to prominence. In recent years wine has been shaken by a rise in orange wines and Pettilant Naturel wines that have challenged the classic notions of what wine should be, but it…

To many a wine buyer, curation was a silver bullet for navigating the wine aisles. We like to believe that a similar minded philosophy in its broadest possible sense will help us feel secure in our choices. With a product as complex and complicated as wine, a carefully curated selection is music to the ears of an eager wine consumer. But this is not the case for the thousands of wineries around the world who are competing for limited shelf space and spots on wine lists. …

And no, you don’t always have to drink rosé

Its not easy to nail down your go-to wines over the summer. There are so many activities, events, and parties that we partake in but everything seems awash with rosé. Not that pink wines are bad, but you feel like you are missing out on so much if all you drink is blush wines from Provence.

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Whats going on? Who’s going?

Are you hanging out with your best friend on the roof deck? Are you heading to that BBQ with your significant others’ friends who you barely know? Are you having dinner with that super wine geeky couple? …

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